Getsemaní Cartagena neighborhood among the 10 best in the world

Besides being the neighborhood where the Independence of the city of Cartagena was created, it is one of the neighborhoods that Forbes magazine currently speaks about.

The magazine specialized in the world of business and finance published a list of the 12 best neighborhoods in the world. Gethsemane is one of them. Forbes points out that the town offers an authentic look at what life in the city really is like for the locals: “Anchored in Plaza Trinidad, a lively public square. Gethsemane is not yet fully gentrified and is inhabited by families who have lived in the same house for multiple generations. Therefore, here is a very strong local culture and identity. ” We must remember that this coastal neighborhood, which ranks number four on the list, took on international significance when the media registered the then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, enjoying the nightlife of a bar in the area.